Playback on Freesat

Freesat+ Playback
The Humax FOSAT-HDR comes with a 350GB hard drive, this has two partitions, one for Video/Radio (286.1GB), allowing the recording of 143 hours of standard definition (SD) programming or 35 hours in high definition (HD). The second partition named Music/Photo (26.2GB), reducing this partition will increase the amount of television or radio programming that can be recorded.
Partition sizes can be changed under the ‘Hidden Menu’.
It is also possible to upgrade the hard drive to 1T (Terabyte), upgrading will void your warranty.

To access recorded programmes, press ‘MEDIA’ on your remote. This will bring up the ‘MEDIA LIST’ list recorded programmes, which are automatically organised in folders. All programmes of the same name will be placed in the same folder, with the number of episodes available. Under the folder, all the episodes are displayed, with date, programme length and the channel recorded from displayed.
By highlighting the desired programme and pressing ‘OK’, a window will be displayed called ‘PLAY OPTION’. Here you can choose to Pay from start, resume play, delete or rename the file, protect to avoid deleting.
Recordings of the same series will be placed in the same folder.
The number of recorded episodes is displayed next to the folder name.

Play Option
Recorded episodes are displayed with the last recorded at the top, any guidance ratings will be displayed next to the programme.
Pressing OK on the remote will bring up the Play Option window.
Here you have the option to play, resume play, protect and unprotect recoded programmes. The following options are available:
Resume Playing
Play from start
Delete a file
Play a chapter
Programme name can be viewed by bringing up the information bar, press the i button on your remote.
Pressing the i (information) button will display programme information.

Play Bar

Press PAUSE to pause a recorded programme or one that is being recorded. If you press PAUSE again, viewing will be resumed for the recorded programme from the point you paused.
Pressing PAUSE while watching live TV will increase the delay from the point you have paused to the live broadcast. You will be able to use the FAST FORWARD or SKIP FORWARD functions during this time. To go directly to live TV press STOP.

The subtitles can then be viewed, on some programmes, Teletext subtitles may also be available.
Press Resume playing to continue watching the programme from where it was paused or stopped.

Delete a file
You will be prompted to confirm the deletion, by default the marker will always be on No, to prevent accidental deletion.

Rename a file
This option allows you to rename recorded programmes.
There are two keyboards available, standard and SMS.

Type in your 4 digit code, by default 0000.
Once a programme has been locked, a padlock will appear next to the restricted programme
Note the Padlock next to the programme.
Type in the four-digit password to view the programme, by default this is set to 0000.

Protect/Release allows programmes to be protected from deletion, type the four-digit password to release, the default password is 0000.
A dustbin with a minus symbol will appear next to the locked programme.
Protected (locked) programmes, must first be released before they can be deleted.
 Note the dustbin and minus symbol next to the protected programme.

Fast Forward
Press the Fast Forward button to fast forward the recorded programme.
Each time you press it is pressed, the speed increases (x2, x4, x16, x32, x64).
Pressing PLAY stops Fast Forward and the programme is played at normal speed.
Fast Forward is only available during playback or when you are behind a live TV or radio broadcast.
Once you have reached the live broadcast viewing will revert to the live transmission (normal speed).

Fast Backward (Rewind)
Press the Fast Backward button to go back while viewing a recorded programme or buffer.
Each time you press Fast Backward, the speed increases (x2, x4, x16, x32, x64).
Pressing PLAY stops Fast Backward and the programme is played at normal speed.

Slow Motion
Press the SLOW button to playback in slow motion, each time you press SLOW the playback speed becomes slower. Press PLAY to resume normal viewing.

Freesat+ receivers automatically buffer the channel you are watching to the hard drive, for a two hour period, allowing you to pause Live TV, rewind to the point you changed the channel, and fast forward.

NOTE: The buffer will be cleared when you change the channel.

Play Bar
Press the PLAY button while watching a recorded programme, this will display the PLAY BAR. The PLAY BAR displays the current programme status, the time gap between the broadcasting point and watching point along with the amount of temporarily saved programme.
To move to the specified time point directly, enter the time you want using the NUMERIC (0-9) BUTTONS.
To move the watching point bar to the time point you want, use the arrow keys while playing back and the press OK to play from the specified point. If you do not press the OK button after moving the watching point, it will move automatically. Press the STOP button to stop the current file and go to the live TV broadcast.



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