Playback on Freesat

To see a full list of all your recordings, press the Recordings button on the remote control.
All the programmes that have been recorded are stored here. You can choose how they are listed, either alphabetically A-Z most recent first Latest or not watched yet, Still to watch.
Highlight the programme you want to watch, press OK and select Watch now.

If you want to go back to a recording you stopped halfway through, highlight the recording and press OK

You’ll have the option to:
Watch from start or Resume.
Resume will play from the point you left off.

Checking your remaining viewing time
See how long you have left to watch by pressing any of the arrow buttons.


Playback Controls

To start watching a recording, highlight the recording, press OK and select Play

Press the arrow keys to shift to a different place in the recording. The fast forward/rewind symbol will appear, showing the elapsed time and the shifting speed.
You can choose different speeds, up to 32x by pressing or repeatedly.

Press pause button to freeze the screen while you are playing, fast forwarding or rewinding a programme.

To return to your Recordings, press the STOP button.
To stop playback and go back to the channel you were watching before, press EXIT.


Managing your recording space

You can see how much space there’s left for new recordings using the bar at the top of the Recordings screen. HD programmes use more recording space than standard definition programmes.

Recording space
Your box will automatically delete the
oldest recording if there is not enough space for a new recording. Programmes that are next in line to be deleted are stored in the folder ‘deleting soon’.

Deleting a recording
Highlight the recording you want to delete, press OK and select Delete from the list.

Keeping recordings
Highlight the recording you want to protect from being deleted, press OK and select Keep from the list. The Keep icon K will be added to the recording.
All ‘Kept’ recordings are stored in their own folder.
NOTE: Recordings are not deleted if you reset the receiver.


Pause & Rewind Live TV

You can pause the action and pick up where you left off. And rewind the best bits again and again.

Pause live TV
To pause the programme you’re watching, press the pause button. You can pause live TV for up to two hours.
When you are ready to watch again, press the pause button again. After two hours on pause, your box will automatically resume live TV.

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