Freetime TV Guide

See what is on the minute you sit down at a glance ‘Now & Next’ view. Press TV GUIDE
Use the arrow keys and to explore:
– what’s on ‘Now & Next’
– what’s coming up in the next 7 days
– what’s been on already and is available for catch up (Internet connection required)

Press OK on a programme on the TV Guide and all the available options for that specific programme will be listed.
So if a programme is on live TV now, highlight it in the TV Guide, press OK.
If the programme is on later, you will be able to Set a reminder or Record it.
Press the arrow keys to scroll through the options and OK to select.

Now & Next

The TV Guide shows what is on now and next in an ‘at a glance’ view.
Press TV GUIDE – To move through the channels, use the up and down keys.
To move through the programmes a page at a time, press P and P
To move forward and back 24 hours, press the arrow keys.
As you browse through the guide, the short programme info is shown at the top
of the screen. For more programme information, press the i button.
Highlight a programme and press OK and choose Watch now.
At any stage to go back to watching TV full screen, press EXIT

If you know the channel number, jump straight to it in the TV Guide with the number buttons.

Watching a programme that was on earlier

You can Roll Back the TV Guide to find programmes that were on earlier ready to watch now.
Available on selected channels with On Demand services on Freesat.
Look out for earlier highlighted in the TV Guide where this is available.
Continue to press the back key to highlight ‘earlier’ on the left-hand side of the guide
You can go back up to 7 days
Highlight a programme you want to watch, press OK
To go back to the live TV Guide, continue to press the forward arrow key
To go back to watching TV full screen, press EXIT

Planning your viewing

To plan your viewing a bit further ahead, the full TV Guide has listings for the next 7 days.
Use to the forward key highlight ‘later’ on the right-hand side of the guide.
Press the forward key again for the full TV Guide.
You can plan your viewing for up to a week in advance, setting reminders and recordings.
To go back to watching TV full screen, press EXIT

Browsing while watching TV

You do not have to stop watching TV to see what else is on. For a quick snapshot of what is on now and next, press any of the arrow buttons.
To see what’s on other channels, press the up and down buttons.
Browse programmes on earlier today by pressing the back key and what is on later by pressing the forward key.
You can set reminders and recordings here by pressing OK
To go back to watching live TV full screen, press EXIT. Press i to see the programme description. Set a programme to record with one touch by pressing R.

Find out more about a programme

Programmes come with extra information to help you decide whether to watch them, including a description, episode details and more.

To see the programme info, highlight the programme on the TV Guide and press the i button. A short description will then show in the info area next to the mini TV.
To see more information about the programme, now press OK for the Action Menu.
Select About – Here you will find a longer description of the programme including cast and crew information and more.

On-Screen Icons

You may see these the following icons in the information area
High definition, an HD version also available, 3D, the programme may contain material with adult themes, audio description available, subtitles available, shown with sign language, Dolby 5.1 surround sound available

Finding channels by channel type

Go straight to a specific group of channels in the TV Guide by pressing LIST on your remote control.
Use the up and down arrow keys to choose the type of channel you’re looking for, and press OK. You will then jump to that group of channels in the TV Guide.

Radio Channels

Radio channels start at Channel 700
Find the radio channels in the TV Guide quickly by pressing LIST, then use down key and select Radio.
To listen to a radio programme, highlight it in the TV Guide and press OK.
You can choose to Listen now, Set reminder or Record just like a TV programme.

Setting a reminder

You can set a reminder from both the TV Guide or while watching live TV.
From the TV Guide – Highlight the programme you want to set a reminder for, press OK and select Set reminder.
While watching live TV – Highlight a programme and press OK and select Set reminder.
The reminder prompt will appear on screen 30 seconds before the programme starts, and will then autotune to the channel.

To cancel a reminder, press BACK when the prompt is on screen.

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