DiSEqC on Freetime

Setting up DiSEqC on Freesat Freetime receivers is a bit of a task and it has to be said, not really worth the effort.
There are very few options available in non-Freesat mode:

  • No recording option
  • No EPG (not even now and next)
  • No favourites
  • No option to change from one satellite to another
  • No stations list, you can only type the channel number in, these start at 5000

The software on the Humax HDR-1000S/500S and Humax HB-1000S are not designed for multi-satellite viewing. It would be far better to have a separate non-Freesat receiver with more flexibility and options to record for other satellite positions.

Firstly a Freesat installation is required, then do the following:

1. Go to System Settings – STB mode – Change to the non-Freesat mode

2. Go to Settings – General Info

3. Highlight the Transponder box, do not click on it

4. Press the following colour sequence – Red Green Yellow Blue Green Yellow Blue








5. Choose Dish type Fixed








6. Choose the satellite Astra 1 or Hotbird etc.

7. Choose DiSEqC port A, B, C, D

7. 22 Khz Tone – Auto or On (this will probably be set to Auto with no option to change), press Next








8. Go to Transponder and choose the desired frequency or All or user-defined

9. Scan – Here there are options to scan for TV/Radio and FTA or All

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