freesatFreesat has rejected a claim it will “struggle” to win viewers because of Sky’s dominance. Speaking at a broadcast conference last week, Top Up TV chief executive Nick Markham said Sky had “sewn up satellite” so Freesat would find it difficult to survive when it launches in the spring.

Freesat responded that its strength would be “near 100% UK coverage” with “a one-off payment (that) will bring digital TV and HD content to all”.
A spokeswoman said: “We are confident that the Freesat offering will be met with strong interest and uptake.”

Markham had argued: “Sky has spent years perfecting its service and made sure that every home with satellite TV had it through Sky devices.
“There is no way it will just sit back and allow a new competitor to just come along and take a slice of the market. If (Freesat) does that, Sky will just undercut it on price.”

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By Expat