bbciplayerIt has been suggested that BBC’s iPlayer will launch on the Freesat platform this Autumn, after initial speculation suggested a Spring release.
iPlayer is seen as an important milestone for both the BBC and Freesat, with the iPlayer website servicing 516 million visits during 2008.

This should open up the possibilities of ITV (catchup), C4 (4oD) and Five (demand.five) launching their own versions too, rather than the single Kangaroo service which was vetoed earlier this month.
Whilst the Freesat EPG is very much of fixed design, the BBC iPlayer is said to carry it’s own look and feel of menu with clear likeness to the existing iPlayer on Virgin Media.
The iPlayer service will be available on all Freesat digital boxes and IDTV’s via the included Ethernet port using your broadband connection, with different speed options expected to satisfy the ranging speeds available in this country.

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By Expat