freesatFreesat have release a list of which Freesat TVs and receivers will get the full benefit of interactive and vod services on the platform.
The table confirms BBC iPlayer for every other Freesat HD product (Panasonic recently upgraded its 2008 HD TVs).
ITV Net Player is promised to Sagem, Bush, Goodmans, Grundig, and Manhattan zapper box and PVR owners, and Samsung TV owners.

Samsung Freesat+ HD PVRs and Panasonic 2011 HD TVs are on a ‘To Be Confirmed’ list for ITV Net Player.
There will be no support for ITV Net Player for owners of Technisat and Ferguson receivers, Panasonic’s 2009/2010 Freesat+ PVRs, Sony Freesat HD TVs, and Panasonic 2008/2009/2010 HD TVs.

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By Expat