freeviewA national upgrade of the Freeview service is due to take place in two weeks time. Freeview is reminding viewers to retune their equipment from lunchtime on Wednesday, 30 September so they can continue receiving all channels available to them, including Five.
On-screen messages will appear over the next three weeks on the BBC channels, ITV, Channel 4 and Five giving details of the retune date and where to go for further information.
An information website has been set up to help viewers retune their equipment. Retuning guides for the most popular Freeview equipment are available for download from the site and a video showing people how to retune is also available online. Viewers can also call the automated TV Retune Helpline on 08456 05 11 22.

The upgrade will result in increased coverage of Five, a small percentage of viewers losing ITV3 and ITV4 channels, the launch of ‘Quest’ on channel 38 and the Community Channel will no longer be available on Freeview in areas that have already gone through switchover.
Freeview is advising viewers not to retune before lunchtime as they will find that even if the channel or service name appears in the on-screen TV guide, the channel itself will not be available or may have been moved to a temporary location.
After retuning, viewers will find a small number of channels in a new position on their on-screen TV guide.
The updated channel list, effective from 30 September 2009 is available at

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By Expat