Channel 5 PinkSky have announced that Channel 5 HD (171/105) will be going free-to-air tomorrow May 3rd 2016.
Once encryption has been removed, Channel 5 HD will no longer be part of Sky’s entertainment pack and will be available to all Sky HD viewers in the UK. Viewers in the Republic of Ireland will be able to add the channel via Sky’s other channels menu. It is not listed on the Irish EPG.

Freesat has not yet made any an announcement on when the channel will join the platform.
Channel 5 HD has been carrying Freesat data on its satellite feed for the past week. Which channel number Channel 5 HD will occupy, is as yet unknown.

Freeview has not made any official announcement as to when the channel will be available on the service.
The channel is currently testing free-to-air, though this is not currently visible to most HD viewers.

Channel 5 have also not made any announcements on the channel becoming free-to-air, or when it will officially be made available on Freeview and Freesat.

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By Expat