Viewers of Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media viewers in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will receive Channel 4 in HD by default on channel 104 following a major reconfiguration.
Currently, most viewers have Channel 4’s standard definition service on channel 104, but need to scroll down the channel list for the HD channel. Only Sky and Virgin Media customers in London have Channel 4 HD on 104.

This will change on Tuesday 27th September when additional regional versions of Channel 4’s HD service will become available to satellite and cable viewers. These will replace the current SD service on 104. Channel changes will occur throughout the day on Tuesday 27th September, depending on platform.

On satellite, the upgrade is part of an agreement between Channel 4 and Sky allowing Channel 4 HD to be regionalised to match the current standard definition service. As a result, Sky is hosting the regionalised Channel 4 HD on its own satellite transponder capacity. Channel 4 previously used its own capacity for its main free-to-air channels. Freesat EPG data was attached to the test signal in the past week, as a precursor to Channel 4 HD improving its availability on the free-to-air satellite service.
The implementation of the changes was delayed by last September’s incident at Channel 4’s playout centre, which disrupted services for weeks.

In Wales, S4C is the official fourth channel. As a result, Channel 4 HD will be allocated to Sky and Virgin Media channel 108 and Freesat channel 106.
Sky viewers in the Republic of Ireland will see Channel 4 HD with Irish adverts, on Sky channel 135 from Tuesday 27th September.
Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media receivers will automatically receive the update to the channel list during the course of the day. Receivers that miss the automatic update may require a reboot.

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By Expat