Ireland West Music TVCanis Television & Media is pleased to announce a partnership deal with Ireland West Music TV.
The agreement means the very successful Ireland West Music TV will now broadcast on the re-launched Bonanza Bonanza Channel, Sky 266 and Freesat 157 (from October 13).
Programmes from Monday to Thursday nights at 10pm will feature Irish and American country music, giving a variety of artists vital air play.

Canis Television & Media CEO Clare Bramley said: “This partnership is the first phase of a structured plan to make Bonanza Bonanza a quality entertainment channel. The Canis team has already established the core element of cult TV for the channel and are pleased to be adding highly successful elements to boost its appeal.

“Ireland West Music TV is already a very successful programme and we are excited they have joined our ever expanding business group. Advertisers are equally excited with the return of Bonanza Bonanza and are looking forward to delivering their campaign across a wider audience such as Ireland and the US markets.”

Paul Claffey, CEO Ireland West Music TV, said: “Entering the TV market two years ago was a brave step but one that has proven successful having built up a loyal viewership in Ireland and across the UK.

“The move to Canis Television & Media’s channel Bonanza Bonanza now offers us exciting opportunities to expand our presence in TV. The Bonanza Bonanza channel will very much compliment the various music genre we will broadcast in the coming months. We will continue to broadcast our very successful Ireland West Music TV show of mainly Irish and American Country music and this will now revert to being broadcast on Monday night at 10pm with a repeat on Wednesday night at 10pm and the second programme going out at

10pm on Tuesday night and again on Thursday night at 10pm – so we are delighted to have been able to secure the same times each and every night, which is very important to our viewers and advertisers alike”.

Paul added: “Over the next twelve to fifteen months we plan to secure a minimum of four hours peak time music programmes of varying genre every night bringing the music of artists that no longer get air play to an audience that still appreciates it but can’t hear or see it anymore”.

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