bbciplayerThe BBC has released a new version of the iPlayer Android app. The new version includes streaming over 3G networks and an updated Adobe Flash player for improved playback. Announcing the revised app on the BBC Internet Blog, David Madden, Executive Product Manager for BBC iPlayer on mobile, said: “We have worked with the network operators to introduce 3G streaming to the BBC iPlayer apps so you can watch your favourite TV programme wherever you are or listen to the radio when you are out and about.

“We have had a lot of feedback and Android Market comments on the video quality of the BBC iPlayer Android app. As a result of your comments a great deal of work has been done to improve the playback experience and this update includes an updated Adobe Flash player. The app will, of course, evolve and improve as we refine the interface and add features.”
The BBC iPlayer app currently redirects Android 3 tablets to a BBC iPlayer mobile website that is optimised for the larger screen size, Madden explains: “We have some more work to do on the mobile website to offer 3G streaming to Android 3 tablets and, for the time being, the mobile web experience on Android 3 will remain a Wi-Fi only service”.

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By Expat