Users of SkyQ are now able to take part in the BBC’s trial of Ultra HD on the BBC iPlayer.

Earlier this month, the BBC launched a short clip of Planet Earth II in Ultra HD, in a move that is expected to lead to the eventual launch of a regular UHD service through BBC iPlayer,

SkyQ has been added to the list of devices that will support the trial, with SkyQ users in the UK with UHD/4K TVs now able to view the short UHD clip.

Along with SkyQ, a number of other devices will also be able to enjoy the BBC clip, these include Panasonic TVs with Freeview Play and UHD support are part of the trial, which is also a test of Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) / High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture technology. Although not yet on the BBC list of compatible devices, the Virgin V6 TiVo reportedly also supports the trial.

At present, the BBC expects its future UHD content to be delivered online, owing to insufficient bandwidth on traditional TV platforms. On traditional platforms, a transition from SD to HD TV is a more pressing need for the BBC.

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By Expat