bbc-trustThe BBC Trust has given its approval, subject to certain conditions, for the BBC in partnership with the Gaelic Media Service (GMS), to launch a Gaelic Digital Service (GDS).
Following a Public Value Test, the Trust has approved the service to launch now on cable, satellite and broadband, but not Freeview at this time. In order to ensure both value for money for licence fee payers, and that the service meets the needs of the target audience in the best way, the Trust has decided that the service will be subject to review before digital switchover commences in central and northern Scotland in 2010. The review will look at the actual performance of the service in achieving public value, including reaching a wider audience, and will consider launch on Freeview.

In order to protect access for current users the Trust has concluded that the Gaelic Zone on BBC 2 will continue for the foreseeable future. Jeremy Peat, BBC National Trustee for Scotland, said: “The Trust has given the go ahead for the GDS to launch, but with conditions and some changes to the original plans, to ensure the best possible value for licence fee payers.
“The Trust believes this service will offer public value and be culturally significant for both Gaelic speakers and Scotland as a whole. The channel, to be operated by BBC Scotland and the Gaelic Media Service, must now seek to improve markedly the quality and quantity of broadcast support for the language, to extend the current audience for Gaelic programming and provide an exciting new service for licence fee payers across Scotland.

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By Expat