The BBC is replacing its standard definition (SD) broadcasts on satellite with high definition (HD) versions.

From January 23rd 2023 to February 23rd 2023, the BBC closed all regional BBC One SD channels, and replaced with a UK-wide version of BBC One. At the same time, the BBC launched the HD version of your local BBC One channel.
Starting in 2024, the BBC will end all SD broadcasts on satellite.

This switch only affects people using an SD-only satellite set-top box. If you’re using an SD-only box, you will start to lose your local programming in January-February 2023. In early 2024, you will lose all your BBC channels.

How to tell if you’re using an SD-only box

Go to channel 799 on your TV (Freesat customers only). If you see a “Good news!” message, then you don’t need to do anything. You’re ready and won’t be affected. Over the next few months, your new HD BBC One region will appear on channel 101 automatically.

If you see a “sorry, your satellite set-top box is not capable of receiving high definition services” message, these changes will affect you and you will need to upgrade your satellite box. However, you may be eligible for extra support.

The BBC and Freesat have launched this help scheme website to support people with SD-only satellite boxes to move to a high-definition (HD) device.

Source: The BBC

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