The BBC has today announced its appointments to the new Board. The five non-executive directors are Simon Burke, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Ian Hargreaves, Tom Ilube and Nicholas Serota.

Sir David Clementi, Chairman of the BBC, said: “I’m delighted to have been able to put together such a talented board with a broad range of skills and experience who will be able to ensure the BBC remains a first class broadcaster.

“The Board will push the BBC to offer the highest quality, hold its executives to account on delivery, while protecting its independence to ensure licence fee payers get the very best programmes and services.”

The BBC executives joining Tony Hall, Director-General, on the Board are Anne Bulford, Ken MacQuarrie and Tim Davie.

On the appointment of the BBC executives, Sir David said: “Under the new Charter, four members of the Board must be executive directors, and this number must include the BBC’s Director-General.

“Reporting to the Director-General is a senior team including Anne Bulford, Tim Davie, James Harding, Mark Linsey, Charlotte Moore, Ken MacQuarrie and James Purnell. All of them will regularly attend Board meetings.

“Anne Bulford is the Deputy Director-General with responsibility for the BBC’s finance and operations. In view of the Board’s central responsibility for financial stewardship of the Corporation, Anne will join the Board.

“Ken MacQuarrie will also join the Board. Ken is the executive director responsible for the Nations and Regions. Oversight of the BBC’s public service obligations in the Nations and Regions will form an important part of the agenda of the new Board, and Ken will work closely with the Government-appointed members for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“In addition, Tim Davie will join the Board. Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of BBC Worldwide, which is an important part of the BBC’s commercial portfolio and whose success will be critical to the Corporation during the new Charter period.”

Sir David concluded: “Consideration around succession planning has played no part in the Board appointments being announced today.”

The BBC appointments announced today follow the recent announcement by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport that Steve Morrison and Dr Ashley Steel are the Board members for Scotland and England respectively. Members for Wales and Northern Ireland are yet to be appointed.

BBC Press Office

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