Astra 2G Satellite

Astra 2G PosterSatellite Name: Astra 2G
Status: In service
Position: Deployed at 28.2° East
Norad: 40364
International Code: 2014-089A

Cospar number:
Operator: SES Astra (part of SES Global)
Launch date: December 28, 2014 (Launched)
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Launch vehicle: Proton Rocket
Launch mass (kg): Total payload lift performance was more than 10,200 kg
Dry mass (kg):
Manufacturer: EADS Astrium
Model (bus): Eurostar-E3000
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 years


About Astra 2G

astra2efgThe Astra 2G satellite launched on December 28 2014.
Astra 2G will serve to deliver next generation broadcast, VSAT and broadband services in Europe and Africa, and will carry Ku-and Ka-band payloads at 28.2° East.

The Ku-band capacity will allow SES ASTRA to enhance and secure its existing offering to major Direct-to-Home (DTH) markets in the UK and Ireland.
With a Ku-band payload specifically designed to meet the requirements of some of Europe’s largest DTH broadcasters, the satellites will have spot beam and pan-European beam switching capabilities to accommodate both Pay-TV and free-to-air broadcasters, and to provide these customers with increased functionality.

SES ASTRA customers in this region include BSkyB, BBC, ITV, Freesat, Channel Four, Channel 5, UK TV, Virgin Media, MTV and Discovery.
The Ka-band payload will allow SES ASTRA to develop next-generation broadband services in Europe, including its growing ASTRA2Connect product.
62 Ku-band transponders
4 Ka-band transponders, including 1 interconnect

The satellite launched on December 28, 2014.


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