We’re sorry to announce that All4 and 4HD will be leaving Freesat on Thursday 22nd February, 2018. We remain committed to bringing Freesat customers the very best content and hope to see the channels return soon.

When are they leaving?
C4 HD and All4 will be removed on Thursday 22nd February.

What about other Channel 4 channels?
Channel 4 SD, E4, More 4, 4seven and Film 4 are unaffected by the changes and remain available to watch as usual via the TV guide.

How do I reset my recordings from 4HD to 4SD?
You will need to manually reset any recordings on Channel 4 SD from 104 (120 in Wales) in the TV guide.

Can I still watch old recordings from 4HD?
Yes you can. All recordings set before February 22nd will remain saved to your hard drive.

Where else can I watch All4?
All4 is available to watch on other devices, including desktop and mobile. If you would like more information about where to watch All4 go to all4.com/how-to-watch

Source: Freesat

A Channel 4 spokesperson told SEENIT: “We’re disappointed Freesat is changing its charging structure, leading to a very significant cost increase for Channel 4, which ultimately takes funding away from our content investment budget. To reduce the overall burden of our Freesat costs and make internal savings we have regrettably given notice to withdraw All 4 and C4 HD while we consider our long term relationship with Freesat.”

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